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Tattoo After-Care & Touch-Up Policy

1. After 1-3 hours, gently remove bandage. Do not re-bandage! Let the tattoo breath during the day


2. 3 times a day, until tattoo returns to pre-tattoo condition, wash your hands and then wash tattoo with warm

    water & anti-bacterial soap. Pat dry with a disposable paper towel (not a cloth towel). Follow with      

    applying Hustle Butter in a thin layer over the tattooed area. Massage into skin. We want it

    moisturized and protected, but not suffocated. (or any light, fragrance-free moisturizer will work). 


3. Each night for the 1st three nights, wrap with food service film (plain saran wrap, not press-n-seal). Wrap it

    tight enough that it stays, but not so tight that it will cause decreased circulation.


4. Keep tattoo out of direct sunlight & tanning beds until tattoo is fully healed. (AT LEAST 14 days)


5. Do NOT soak tattoo in tub, sauna, hot tub, or go swimming until tattoo is fully healed. Showers are fine,

    but keep water exposure limited. 


7. Sun exposure over the years can and will fade your tattoo. This can be minimized by using a strong

    sunscreen at least SPF 30. 

* * Not following these instructions thoroughly can lead to loss of color and/or infection. * *

Touch-Up Policy


*  Free for 2 months. (exclusions apply)

*  $60 minimum thereafter.


* * If there are clear signs of neglect in the aftercare of your tattoo or if less than 48 hours notice of cancellation/reschedule is given, you will forfeit your free touch-up and be required to pay up-front to set touch-up appointment. In the case of neglect, your touch up will cost a min. of $35. Last, but not least, some tattoos (based on placement) are NOT touched up for free & are always a min. of $35.* *

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